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How to Use Honey for Weight Loss!

Bobbie Hershey

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Honey, Cinnamon, and Lemon Tea Recipe Many people have experienced that taking honey with cinnamon powder and warm water helps lose weight. A honey and warm water mixture helps flush out the toxins from the body. You can spread honey on bread instead of jam, which is laden with preservatives and additives. Honey can be swapped with table sugar in coffee, tea, and juices. Here is a simple honey, cinnamon, and lemon tea recipe which will help with weight loss. Ingredients: 1½ cups of water 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder 1 teaspoon of honey 1 teaspoon of lemon juice Directions...

Honey Nutrition Facts 🍯

Bobbie Hershey

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A tablespoon of honey 🍯 contains 64 calories and 17 grams of carbohydrates. Honey doesn’t have any dietary fiber, but it has more than 80% of natural sugar, fructose, and glucose, and so it is sweeter than sugar. Honey’s nutrition content is enhanced by other vitamins and minerals such as iron, riboflavin, copper, manganese, selenium, and fluoride. It is rich in antioxidants and free of fats and cholesterol. Also, sucrose and fructose have differing absorption patterns. Honey also has a good amount of amino acids and enzymes, although their proportion depends on the flora they are collected from. Honey has about...

Bee pollen for human "bee-ings" 🐝

Bobbie Hershey

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Bee pollen for human "bee-ings" 🐝

It takes one bee working eight hours to produce a teaspoon of pollen. Bee pollen contains nearly all the nutrients needed by humans: protein, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids and folic acid. Ounce-per-ounce it contains more amino acids than beef, eggs or cheese, and has more protein than any animal source protein.Ingesting bee pollen, especially “local” pollen, may be a good homeopathic remedy for allergy symptoms caused by blossoming plants in the spring and fall. Additionally, bee pollen has been used to treat health conditions ranging from prostate health to skin care.

Beauty Fixes Using Raw Honey

Bobbie Hershey

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Real beauty of raw honey is that it is entirely natural. This means that you get to enjoy all of its appearance-improving benefits, but without the nasty side effects of conventional toxic beauty products. Here are five ways you can use raw honey for a more natural beauty routine. Reduce wrinkles and lines  Raw honey is dynamite against wrinkle and lines, both on your face and elsewhere. One way to use raw honey as a natural wrinkle treatment is to mix together a DIY facial cleanser. To do this, moisten your skin with a wet cloth, then scoop out some raw...

Check out the Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Bobbie Hershey

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Surprising Health, Beauty Benefits Of Raw Honey Revealed