About Us

At Hershey's Honey we create a variety of healthy skin care products from scratch using pure, organic and natural  ingredients all from our honey bees including beeswax, honey, royal jelly, propolis, pollen etc. Our honey shop has a wide variety of honey products.

Hershey's Honey began with God at the helm. Bobbie Hershey is a Master Gardener. In order to remain active, she needed 10 hours of continuing education.  There was a free novice beekeeping class offered at the local extension office. Bobbie took the class only to fulfill her Master Gardener obligations to retain her certification with no intent to keep bees. God had a different plan. She was amazed at how absolutely everything about bees, honey, propolis ect. was healthy and beneficial.

Bobbie began her first year with 10 hives. She thought she would only sell wildflower honey. She and her husband, Kevin, own 244 acres filled with wildflowers, native grasses and forbes/legume (native flowers). 

Our honey bees produce gourmet wildflower honey which Wikipedia defines as an ingredient of  high quality after forging on Black-eyed Susan, Gray-headed Coneflower, Stiff Goldenrod, Wild Bergamot, Prairie Cinquefoil, Field Goldenrod, Purple Prairie Clover, Common Evening Primrose, Culver's Root, Alumroot, Hoary Vervain, Golden Alexander's, Butterfly Milkweed, Canadian Milkvetch, Partridge Pea, White Prairie Clover, Pale Coneflower, Pale Gentain Yellow, Tall Thoroughwort, Tall Blazing Star, Red Columbine, Skyblue Aster, White Sagebrush, Slender Mountain Mint, Flowering Spurge, Prairie Larkspur, Prairie Cinquefoil, Meadow Garlic, Common Mountain Mint, Rattlesnake Master, Wild Bergamot, Showy Goldenrod, Prairie Mimosa, Compass Plant, New England Aster, Ox-eye, Maximilian's Sunflower.

The grasses consist of: Big Bluestem, Indiangrass, Switchgrass, Canada Wildrye, Virgina Wildrye, Little Bluestem, Sideoats Grama, Composite Dropseed, Fox Sedge, Prairie Junegrass, Fox Sedge, Western Wheatgrass, Sand Dropseed, Prairie Dropseed.

Our firebreaks consist of: Alfalfa, Ladino Clover, Alsike Clover, Ryegrass, Red top Timothy. Thus began the liaison with their Pheasants Forever.
Harvest began that first year and Bobbie was overwhelmed with the number of wax cappings she cut off before extracting the honey. She wondered what she could do with all that wax! After much research, she realized the organic health benefits of everything about having bees and the need for organic healthy skincare products. Taking care of the body on the inside as well as protecting and healing it on the outside was essential for healthy living. Her skincare line began with those wax cappings.
Bobbie truly knew that God had guided her in establishing Hershey's Honey because in 2010, her husband, Kevin, was diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia. Hershey's Honey has allowed her to have a successful business and take care of her husband on their farm in southern Iowa.