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Lovespell Scent

Light heavenly scent, goes on light, and moisturizes very well!

Sasha, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I am so glad you like the Lotion. Bobbie

You've done it again! You all definitely have a loyal customer! Thank you!!


Very hard to find in Alabama. this was exactly what i was looking for. I will be placing a second order. Thank you so much.

Thank you!
Cinnamon creamed honey

Use it for baking - wonderful sugar & spice alternative!

Connie, Thank you for the review!
No change

I was hoping to see a small change but it has not reduced my wrinkles.

I am sorry you had this experience. This product gives a Softer Skin with deep hydration. Sometimes it can take longer then 4 weeks to see the results. Thanks Bobbie
Lip Shimmer

This is a very good product for your dry cracked lips.

Sylvia, Thanks so much for your wonder review !! Think Happy Bee
Best honey sticks ever!

I usually buy honey sticks from our local Fresh Thyme market, but they were constantly running out of mint flavored honey so I tried Hershey's Honey. They are so much more flavorful. I love them and they are the perfect addition to my hot tea. Please consider a vanilla honey as that is one flavor they offer at The market that I can't get from Hershey's. Thank you!

Moisturizing Goodness!!!

I am glad I purchased three of these. For this price, this is better than my $20 lip balms and masks. There isn't anything for the lips that I haven't tried, and it looked good enough to eat. This lasts a long time, is non drying, and not super greasy. There is also a slight sweet taste but not over powering. It also helps with exfoliation if necessary. I had just gotten it in the mail, and didn't have my usual balm and decided to put it on. I am mad I forgot to bring one into work today.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a wonderful review!!
Royal Jelly!!!

I have never used Royal Jelly until trying this balm. It is a great addition to my collection and my usage stash.

Oh yes

Order arrived quickly and packaged well. After my first tbsp of the chunk honey, I don't think I'll ever buy mine anywhere else in the future. :)

Andrew, Thank you for taking the time to leave a wonderful review. We are so glad you are enjoying the chunk honey
variety pack

we love them, can't wait to use them for our wedding favors !

A great product and fast

A great product and fast shipping!


The honey sticks were great. The seller sent them out just like she said.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a wonderful review. I am so glad you like the honey sticks.
Bee Pollen Granules

I really like the bee pollen granules. I add the granules to cereal and smoothies.

Lana, Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. I also add the granules to yogurt and on top of my salads too. :) Thanks! Bobbie
Yummy! And super customer service!

Yummy! And super customer service!

Katy, Thank you for leaving us a review! We are glad that you like are our Wildflower Honey. :) Thanks! Bobbie
Best face wash

I use the face wash everyday, morning and night. It's a great make-up remover at the end of the day. The face lotion/moisturizer leaves my face feeling so soft, and it's all natural, no harmful chemicals.

Heather, Thank you some much for taking the time to leave a wonderful review. I am so glad you are enjoying are natural products!!
So creamy!

I will definitely be ordering again soon. The body butter is the most moisturizerizing butter around, made with natural ingredients, and doesn't leave a sticky residue. I have psoriasis and it helps tremendously, it's really the best thing I've found to use and believe me I've used every prescription cream out there.

Heather, We appreciate your feedback on our review system, we really love how it is working out!
I've loved these since my

I've loved these since my childhood and so happy I found y'all!! Will be ordering more

Ashleigh, Thank you so much for your business. We are so happy that you are enjoying the honey sticks.
Great Product

As always, wonderful quality! I use as an all over bodywash and my skin feels great.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a wonderful review!

I loved all of them and I plan to buy more in the future. The sample of lotion was also very good.

Alyssa, Thank you so much for your business and leaving a feedback. . Thank you, Bobbie

They taste good and are a great topper in you have a sweet tooth.

Marie, Thank you for the feedback and your business! Sweet and Softness is our Product Guarantee :) Bobbie
New Favorite Snack

These are so amazingly good and convenient. I mainly got them because they reminded me of the ones I used to get in a little country store when I went to the mountains as a kid. But I found myself reaching for these instead of snack foods now, I've completely cut out chips, cookies, etc because I have the honey sticks available. So now I keep a few in my purse and have actually lost a few pounds!

I have a lot more

I have a lot more energy and don't get tired throughout the day like I used to. I'm taking a little over a teaspoon every morning. Haven't noticed other benefits as of yet, but again.. I've not had a lot of issues that I'm aware of.. I just trust the product and I trust the Hershey family.. I will be out to see the store some time soon.

Out of this World.

This is a heavenly food. You guys delivered as promised. The only caveat is the Shipping cost!

Thank you so much for your business an taking the time to leave a wonderful review! Please take advantage of the free shipping. Thanks, Bobbie
Natural honey liquid soap face hand and body

I love this soap! I used to use Proactive every day to keep my skin clear, but it is expensive and bleaches my towels. Now I just use this as my face soap and my skin has never looked better!

Hi Jessica, We appreciate your feedback on our review system, we really love how it is working out!
Amazing honey sticks

These honey sticks are sold at an amazing price and the flavors are unique. I love the taste and will definitely be buying more.

Hi Rocio, Thank you so much for your business. We are so happy that you are enjoying the wonderful flavors of the honey sticks. Thank you, Bobbie
Love it on ice cream

Love it on ice cream and my granddaughter puts it her smoothies

Hi Linda! We appreciate your feedback on our review system we really love to here how you are using the bee pollen. I always have my bee pollen with honey on my banana's.
Honey Sticks

I absolutely love your flavored honey sticks. I have ordered them twice and each time my coworkers have gone crazy over them. I've had a coworker to place an order recently.

Hi Nicole! Thank you so much for your business. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us some reviews. Bobbie
Great soap!

I really love the soap. It feels great and good for hand and body. Best part is its all natural.

Hi Thank you so much for your business and taking the time to leave us a review. Think Happy BEE Happy! Bobbie

These are great my daughter and niece loved them !

Thank You!
Honey Sticks

It's taken my a while to review because I've been out of town. But firstly, I'll say shipping was fast and that's always great. I just got into the honey sticks and tasted each flavor and for the most part they were all amazing! I got to taste flavors I've had in the past along with brand new ones. My only complaint would be with the Orange Blossom and the Blackberry flavors, they tasted just like the normal Wildflower honey, which was still really good and natural tasting. But when ordering different flavors it's a bit disappointing to taste the same ones over and over. Please don't take offense to that, they were still delicious and all the other flavors were so tasty as well! My favorites are definitely Lemon and Sour Cherry. I look forward to ordering again in the future, still a couple flavors I haven't tried! :grin:

Haven't used them yet but

Haven't used them yet but I'm certain they will be a hit at my up and coming Tea Party.
Thank you much for quick and expedient order process and delivery.

Thank you!
Sweet Honey!!!

I really enjoyed my honey sticks. They were delicious!! I wish they were bigger !!!


Love the honey and love the skin care definitely will buy again


Love the honey sticks they're so good!!!!


Perfect for the kids. They love them in there lunchboxes

Good quality and convienent to

Good quality and convienent to use.

Lotion Bars

Highly recommend! I love the convenience of lotion bars. This one is great! Put the relaxing one on before bed. Don't hesitate to purchase! Very quick shipping and personal service as well. Thank you!

Honey sticks

I made a bouquet with all the flavors for my god daughters 13 bday. She loved them! Thanks for all you do.

Wonderful enjoyment for all

I bought these to share among a team of co-workers who didn't believe there was such a thing. They loved them. I purchased some of every flavor to make sure they got the full experiance. Packaging was great as they group together the sticks by flavor so no guessing what was what. Thanks for the treats!

Can't add to cart

This site doesn't work well, no way to add to cart

Great Incentive!

I bought a bunch of the flavored honey sticks for my team at work and we use them as motivation to meet our sales goals. When we meet our goal we get to have a honey! Everyone is always so excited when they get a honey and they taste so good! The flavors are delicious! We will definitely continue to purchase from Hershey's Honey!


I love the moisturizer. It makes my face look hydrated all day. My skin is silky smooth. I also love the lavender lotion. Smells fabulous!

I love all of your

I love all of your products! My skin has never been so clear and soft!

Love them!

I absolutely love honey sticks, and it was so nice to find a variety of flavors for a reasonable price! A couple of them were leaking, but we still enjoyed them.

wonderful lip balm, great herbal balm for cold & flu

love ALL the products. the vapor balm is perfect when you are feeling sick (way better than vicks)

Love the face moisturizer

I recently bought the face moisturizer and really love it. It makes my face look well hydrated all day. I also use the face, hand and body soap. It seems to really get my face clean. I have had a break out on my hands and since using the it has cleared. So I would recommend these products to everyone.

Honey sticks

The honey is SO good, and ordering and delivery was a (pleasant) breeze!

The best!!

This product is great, and best quality I've seen so far! All their products are amazing and delicious.


I bought to big Jars of this and it works wonders. The energy it gives me and makes me feel great! Highly recommend it!!

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