Beeswax Candle Solid 7/8 x 9 Taper Pair Natural

Hershey's Honey

$ 11.50
Beeswax Candle 7/8 x 9

Beeswax is the choice of true candle connoisseurs. Because of its high melting point, beeswax candles are dripless, smokeless and burn longer than other candles that you can buy. These features make them perfect for burning on all occasions especially when you want a quiet, peaceful atmosphere while entertaining family or...

Solid Beeswax Candle 7/8 x 9 Taper Natural   Wrapped in pairs.

Never leave any burning candle unattended.

    • Approximate burn time 12 hours each, 1 hour per inch.

Bloom is nature's guarantee of pure beeswax. It is a powdery white coating that's mostly removed by buffing with a soft cloth.

Storing candles at room temperature will inhibit the growth of bloom. Candles are to enjoy! Please do not leave burning candles unattended.